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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleaning up after devastating brush fires. >> it's unbelievable and extremely impacting. >> the major damage left behind. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm adam may. firefighters are finally getting a break after fighting the fire. derek valcourt has the story. >> reporter: in all we're talking about some 2,000 acres of land that has burned across
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the state and millions of dollars worth of damages. in oddenton, anne arundel firefighters tried to stop the brush fire that winds fanned out of control in a matter of minutes. >> what they've done with these heavy duty bulldozers is cut off approximately a 2-foot trough on the side of the fire so it can't jump that fire line and continue on. >> reporter: it worked, stopping the fire but not before it burned some 600 acres of property, ruined some construction trailers, a few vehicles and even this nearly two century old unoccupied cabin. >> there's a couple of neighbors down the street, we were back there with shovels and rakes trying to put it out. >> reporter: seven fires burned more than 1,000 acres of
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property, including 300 acres of mulch piles in laurel that caused firefighters to shut down i95 for several hours. pg county alone estimates $2 million worth of brush fire damage. montgomery county also had several hundred acres worth of fire damage. meanwhile all of those fires now under control, but tonight even as you're sleeping, a number of firefighters in the affected areas will be out patrolling the areas that were burned and make sure there were no more flair ups. derek valcourt, wjz news. luckily no reports of injuries and any of these fires. a brush fire in baltimore county we learned was set on purpose, police arrested someone for intentionally setting the fire. and the wicked winds, they tossed a lot of trash around neighborhoods. now baltimore city is asking you to help clean up and spend a few minutes picking up trash in your yard. if there is a really dirty area
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in your neighborhood, you're asked to call 311 to get a key -- get a crew out there to help. the wind is out of here and we're talking about some snow coming into the area. let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods, she's tracking the winds in the weather center. >> reporter: we're going to go to doppler radar and show you, for many of us it's drizzle, but we did report that this has come in as snow mixed with rain for some of you. we're going to switch it over and show you what's going on. the clouds came in today and notice when the precipitation comes, there's blue mixed in with that green. even some pink off to the north of us. temperature wise, we're well above freezing and we're going to stay there. so this is not going to stick on the ground at least this round. there is some more snow in the forecast and we'll have that coming up shortly, adam. >> all right, bernadette, thanks. >> violent protests continue
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spreading across the middle east heating up in intensity. the most volatile country right now is libya. that's where the government is fearly cracking down on protesters. >> reporter: benghazi's son confirmed that demonstrators took control of some military bases but he insists his father would prevail with the army's backing. phone calls are coming in through you tube with these phone calls. >> it's a real massacre, a woman hearing a gunfire shot, they are shooting the people that are going to the funerals to bury their beloved ones. >> reporter: the u.s. am ambassador to the united nation
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says says they are relying on witnesses. the death toll keeps growing. >> in the coastal areas we're very concerned about reports of security forces firing on peaceful protests. >> reporter: protests are more peaceful in bahrain. >> egypt could do it, why can't we. >> reporter: following bloody clashes, bahrain withdrew it's tanks and police. >> and bahrain's representative to the arab league resigned. a tribal leader is threatening to step down if the repression continues. we're now paying an average of $3.11 $3.11 for a gallon of regular gas. we haven't seen prices this high in more than two years. prices are two cents higher than last year. after years of construction, the final phase on the intercounty connector is
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finally going to open this week. the new highway corrects prince county. a ribbon cutting will be held tomorrow. then you can drive the toll roads starting tuesday. you're not going to have to pay that toll for the next two weeks. and two more were shot this afternoon. one of the men died after being shot in the chest. the other guy was hit in the leg and arm. we're told the shooter drove away. in baltimore county, a man was shot down at this exxon station. he died there at the scene. officers have not made any arrests. friends and family come together to remember a man who was murdered in baltimore county. thousands of people showed up tonight for a vigil in vincent
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thomas. >> i want some closure. i want to know who killed my son. that's what i'm looking for right now. >> reporter: as of tonight police are still looking for that man's killer. forced out by fire in anne arundel county, family's apartment is damaged in a fire tonight. this is in oddington. still no word yet on the cause. up in wisconsin, things are heating up. democratic lawmakers say they will not return until the republican governor agrees to sit down and talk. tens of thousands of protesters are fighting the government's plan to strip away collective bargaining rights. governor scott worker is trying to bust unions but walker isn't giving up. >> for us this is about balancing the budget. we have a $3.6 billion deficit, we're broke. wisconsin's republican led assembly will return to work on
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tuesday. but for now the state's democrats are still in hiding, in protest in new york. one of them has called governor walker a dictator. is it for pleasure or pain? that is a question state lawmakers are asking when it comes to two bills that will lessen jail time for marijuana. >> reporter: under state law, large amounts of marijuana means heavy jail time. even small amounts can net a conviction for some. but now some state lawmakers are thinking about changes that with a bill that could decriminalize small portions of marijuana. >> it's the law in about 13 other states. >> reporter: curt anderson wrote the proposed law that calls for a citation and a possible fine for anyone caught with less than an ounce of marijuana. anderson says he wants it passed for two reasons. >> these marijuana arrests and convictions hauling off young folks to jail, giving them
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criminal records has turned up to be a a nuisance for the police, and then b it's a terrible thing for a young person to have a record. >> reporter: meanwhile the state is also considering a medical marijuana bill after one that would allow doctors to prescribe a law that failed last year. last year montel williams urged lawmakers to pass it this time. williams uses the drug to ease pain for multiple sclorosis. >> the only thing that has kept me a contributing citizen to society, i know there's a lot of people who will say there's a lot of things out there.
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unfortunately opiums no longer work for me. >> reporter: anderson says he modeled his bill after the one in massachusetts. i'm gigi barnett. wjz news. in addition to massachusetts, three other states have laws that give little to no time in jail for possession of marijuana. >> reporter: the winner of the 2011 black history oratory contest is kalen holden. >> reporter: there she is, karen holden the big winner in wjz's 19th annual oratory contest. she claimed her prize today in baltimore. the senior at the carver center in baltimore won a $10,000 scholarship and some other great gifts. >> i was so shocked, i was very surprised. my heart melted but i really appreciate the experience.
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>> this year's quotes were about overcoming obstacles. holden quoted byron epps. we have more to come, including a bizarre smash and grab caught on tape. it's what happens happens right after this accident that's going to surprise you. >> we have to go on a front yard, there's a bounce house on the front yard. >> the frightening accident that sent a little girl flying on top of the roof. >> if i didn't do this i couldn't live by myself. the ridiculous reason that a woman was suspended from work for talking to her son on the phone. a spike in february temperatures brings problems for allergy sufferers. i'm tim williams with more on why, coming up. i'm meteorologist
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it's 36 degrees, a little bit of lightning precipitation in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. first a scary situation in
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minnesota. a children's moon bounce got carried away with the wind with two girls inside. a 7-year-old fell out of the moon bounce. but a 10-year-old was carried away in the moon bounce that dropped on a neighbor's roof. tonight she is in serious by stable condition. the apartment complex went up in flames in brooklyn, hundreds of firefighters battle that blaze into the early morning hour, very intense. fire officials say that high winds fanned the flames through the entire building. >> very scary, and especially in a night like tonight, cold and windy and a fire like this and people left out of the their home, it's terrible. >> the only thing i have to my name now is what i have on me. >> the body of a 57-year-old woman was found in the rubble. the firefighters that were
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injured are expected to be okay. watch what happened next right after this accident. after running into the store front. the driver reaching his hand through the broking window. tries to grab a beer. as the manmade his escape, an outdoor ashtray got stuck under the vehicle. near by officers saw the sparks coming from under the vehicle and the man was arrested. a woman is suspended from work for taking a phone call from her son overseas. the woman says she knew about the no phone calls in her factory. but she says when her son called with a satellite call, she didn't think twice about
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picking up the call. we now learned the factory's manager is apologizing and danbury will now be paid for the days she didn't work. and the spikes in temperatures comes with allergy problems. >> reporter: it may seem a bit early but already allergy suffering are already getting a scent of the season. >> my nose is starting to itch a little. but sometimes it's because of the dust and other things flying around. >> both like many seasonal sufferers take shots to keep symptoms under control. >> i know it's almost upon here when you start to see the things to bloom a little bit. you know it's coming. >> it seems a bit early but we're already seeing a spike in the number of people who are suffering from tree pollen allergy. >> reporter: dr. bacon says avoiding allergies is the goal. but if you can't, medicines are
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getting better all the time. while grass and trees haven't started blooming, the culprit is the wind. it's helping blow pollens. >> the winds plow up the pollen, it can blow in from miles away. >> reporter: so if spring is next, what can we expect next? >> i can't tell what this spring is going to be like but i have a feeling it's going to be worse than last year, since i'm getting called already. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> close to 50 million americans have hay fever triggered by all those irritants in the air. the wind was really blowing everything around over the weekend. now we have some precipitation coming in. what do you want to talk about? >> we were in the mid-70s on
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friday. if we remember that. and by tuesday afternoon we're going to be in the 20s. so a 50-degree swing in just a few days. >> we have the fires and snow. >> there's more snow on the way in the forecast. so up and down we go. this is where we sit right now. here's warm front making its way through the state. temperatures are at its lowest. the areas that have had a little snow mixed in, it will be changing over to rain and drizzle during the overnight hours and that's going to continue on and off through the day tomorrow. you can see not heavy at this point, but it is already making it's way across the state. so we'll switch it over and show you. we had sunshine earlier today the clouds came in and you noticed with the green, you see the blue mixed in there and even some pink in some cases. then that warm front will lift off to the north. these winds will turn around to the south and pick up a little bit. nothing like we had. these are close to our lows on the night, at 36 degrees right now in baltimore. i want to show you this too. even though we've cooled down for friday we were still above
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average today at 51 degrees. now that is going to change, and this is why. there's wild weather brewing out there. just off to our northwest a new round of arctic air coming in. even at this hour it's still 70 degrees in dallas, close to 70 in kansas city. you see that cold front is coming in and dropping severely. that's the idea of this entire air mass. so for us we're dealing with the first storm. that's the light rain and drizzle today and tomorrow. right behind it there's a second storm. here is where we're seeing the second storm. that's going to come our way tomorrow evening through tuesday morning. we'll have more moisture with it. and it's going to have a little more strength and really tap into that cold air. bring us a chance for accumulating snow for tuesday morning. when we put that together. there's the first storm that leaves us in the band of rain. the second storm is a little bit farther to the south. it'll tap into that cold air and put it down. where you are seeing that it's wet it's going to change over to white by tuesday morning.
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the thing is too, what we're talking about. there is a chance we will get accumulation from this. but the ground will be so warm lately that a lot of this is going to sacrifice itself to wet roadways. it's on the roadways and trees that we will get some of that accumulation. here comes the cold air behind it, not going to last long but it will be a cold one on tuesday. on the waters, small craft advisory. on and off rain and drizzle tomorrow. we're at 54 for our high. rain will pick up then change over to snow, a cold day on tuesday. that gets out of the here for wednesday. we warm back up for the second part of the week then maybe some rain coming in for friday. check in tomorrow starting at 4:55 a.m. for the most updated forecast. it's a surprising trip to
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victory lane. history y ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fasten your seat belts. we have some highlights for you. we're headed to the asphalt oval. lap 198 and 200 kurt busch, it's the restart. watch almendiger. it's a metal domino effect. a mad dash for auto racing's most coveted price. rookie dayle getting the prize. and vasquez humbled,
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honored when his number was retired and lifted to the rafters. later terps go up by five. defense broken down. final score terps over the wolfpack. and in women's basketball. the pride of harrisburg pa. but 14 makes that maryland 72- 66. in the state of connecticut, umbc's aaron downtown brown. that's aaron downtown brown, here is why. scored 22 leading the lady retrievers to the sixth straight. with sole possession of the american west and they also set a division one school record
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with today's win. and this masn oriole's spring training report. >> i think it's exciting to get back to camp and, to start a beginning and everybody wants to get off on the right foot. always want to make a good impression. meantime orioles first work out, full work out tomorrow morning. look at blass, michelle millwood, he scores this goal. later lucio vansaga burns the goalie and it's singes the net. 20-nine victory. that's sports. have a good weekend. >> all right, thank you so much. the invitations are in the
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mail. mail. coming up next, a sneak ,,,,
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